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1720 Sportsboat

We offer a full range of sails for the 1720 and a comprehensive set of accessories.

Sail Specfication

Class rules have been amanded to allow both Aramid and Carbon sails.
We manufacture a full range of sails in both panelled and D4 custom Membrane.

Tri Radial Laminate Headsail

Including battens, hanks, window and sail bag.
Built in Pentex, Aramid, GPL Carbon
We can also offer D4 Custom Membrane
D4 Fastline Aramid custom laminate
D4 Multipanel Aramid/Carbon custom laminate

1720 Mainsail

Including battens, hanks, window and sail bag.
Pentex radial or X Tech Aramid radial
We can also offer D4 Custom Membrane
D4 Fastline Aramid/Carbon Fastline custom laminate
D4 Multipanel Aramid/Carbon Custom Laminate

Small Headsail

Pentex taffeta
Kevlar taffeta

Large Asymmetric Spinnaker

A deep running radial sail designed to project a huge area to windward with tack and sheet eased. Designed especially for windward leeward courses. With a round entry the luff may be rolled without loss of control. The sail is taped and sewn for durability with large radial strip patches to ensure smooth dissipation of corner loadings.

Small Asymmetric Spinnaker

Smaller luff projection for ease of handling in blast reaching conditions 1.5oz / 1oz construction with all seams taped and sewn, radial strip corner patches.


We have designed two useful additions to improve boat handling. These boats run on rope - miles of it. Good boat handling requires good house keeping.

Spinnaker Stowage Bag
Safe secure stowage of the spinnaker with separate stowage of halyards is essential to prevent tangles. We have designed a single assembly which velcros to the cross bars and attaches into the spinnaker stowage areas. This features two separate spinnaker bags with draining bottoms (starboard bag ensures pole tube drains below and not into spinnaker), two plastic pockets for course cards, one outside large pocket for genoa halyard, two inside pockets for main halyard and winch handle, retaining velcros and hooks for tack and head of spinnaker cross bar padding for shin protection. -There can't be many 1720s without one of these now.
Internal Stowage Bag
Hangs inside the main hatch to keep all waterproofs, sandwiches etc. out of the bilge and easy to reach, separate internal side stowage pocket
Side Deck Spinnaker Sheet Stowage Bags
Self draining with elasticated closure.
Boom Up Cockpit Cover
Built in PU Coated acrylic canvas, zip front with ties to guard rails.
Built in PU Coated acrylic canvas
Padded Rudder Bag
Heavy duty 10mm closed cell foam sandwiched between 7oz.
Can be used with rudder on or off the boat.

Keel Cover
Mast End Bag

Cork Week 2010 1st overall