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Cruising Sails

We have been building strong, well engineered, sails for over twenty five years.
We are pleased to advise on specification to meet your requirements
When you contact us before or after purchase, you will speak to a sailmaker who has spent his life around boats, not a salesman.
All our sails are designed and built in house using advanced design, cutting and sewing machinery, by our experienced team.
We are proud of our products and as a small company we aim to ensure absolute satisfaction.

Cruising sails are often synonymous with less expensive offerings, less well designed and using cheaper fabric.

We aim to supply custom sails, engineered to match both the customers requirements of performance and budget. There are a number of suppliers of both sailcloth and hardware offering a variety of excellent products. We are not tied to any supplier and this allows us to specify exactly what we consider to be the best solution in every application. Consequently you will not find in our website, standard packages a code for xyz mainsail, where the supplier would neatly drop a customer into a chosen pigeon hole.

We are often asked how long will a sail last and this is often a very difficult question to answer. In the case of the racing sailor it is when the racing performance falls below an expected level. At the other end of the scale it is when the expected repair cost of an old sail is no longer economic, and money would be better spent on a new one. Somewhere in between, you may look up at a sail and decide that the shape is no longer acceptable. To a greater or lesser degree cruising sailors are interested in performance on the water but above all: durability. The ability to meet a tidal gate or reach a landfall are often important. Good sailshape translates into improved windward performance and less heel. This is achieved with good design, choice of materials and build quality.

We produce sails from a variety of fabrics as below:-

  • Woven polyester
  • Polyester and Dyneema wovens
  • Cruise laminates
  • Custom membrane cruising laminates