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Sail Design and Manufacture

Sail Design

For over twenty years we have used CAD sail design software, continually upgraded to allow us to create accurate sails
Our latest Sailpack software gives us the clear visibility to translate what we see on a computer screen into a winning sail.It allows us to simultaneously compare different moulds and parameters on the screen, essential to making minute adjustments. We have used this system for the last six years and it offers a huge improvement over earlier software.

The outcome was most apparent in one design classes which were new to us. Our first Mirror main designed on this system came second in the Europeans. From a clean sheet of paper, in only our second season in the Merlin, our sails took the first three places at the Nationals, and similarly in the Solo. In a star studded fleet our own Andy Tunnicliffe sped to second at the Nationals in only his second season in the class. In addition he has been consistently in the top few sailors last year whatever the conditions. In the National 12 our first suit built came a close second overall in the class Championships. In the1720, our first membrane sails won Cork week.
Few sailmakers large or small could match that success rate.


The best design is of course, only as good as the manufacturing accuracy. This relies on two factors - people and equipment.
Our policy has been to buy the best equipment. Our Aeronaut Cutter was the first full system installed in the UK. Many have since followed suit.
We rigorously review adhesives, threads, fabrics and components used: to ensure no unseen factor will spoil the final product.
As a team our aim is to do it right, we are proud of our reputation and our products, whether sails or canopies, large or small.
Our team are experienced sailors, we have won seven World Championships, seven Europeans and are heading for a half century of National Championships.
Many of us have spent our lives on the water and we realise the ingredients required for success.
We are convinced that the best way to ensure overall quality is to maintain design and manufacture in house.
From Woven Polyester to Laminates and Membranes, we are pleased to advise on specification to meet your requirements.
Before or after purchase, you will speak to a sailmaker, not a salesman.
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