Formula 1

We are pleased to have supplied the majority of Formula 1 owners for at least 15 years. Over this time our sails have been used to win the Nationals on many occasions. Over this period we have supplied the leading formula 1 sailors to produce a winning rig.
The Formula 1 is easily overpowered and requires a mainsail which can be easily flattened. This allows full main to be carried into stronger breeze and gives greater flexibility in variable conditions.
The genoa is developed to respond easily to halyard tension making it useful over the widest possible wind band. We use a pentex taffeta leech on the genoa to prolong the life of the sail.
The No 2 genoa is built from 6.5 Polykote with maximum length leech battens to give stability when the breeze is up. Headsails can be provided for foil or hanks now allowed under class rules.
The spinnaker is a development of our successful sonata spinnaker and is a proven performer.
Our Formula 1 sails have been used for such diverse applications as a round Ireland circumnavigation and even a self tacking jib for single handed sailing.



Built in Dimension Polyant 270B HTP+ 2 reefs, genoa leech window, leechline cleated at each reef, lens foot, clew slug, insignia, sail numbers, tapered laminated battens, hydraulically pressed eyes, sausage bag.

No 1 Genoa

Radial design built in Dimension Polyant Pentex PE10, PE15, PE15 Taffeta. The sail is fitted with window, spectra leechline, radial patches, flutter patches on leech, sail numbers and tell tails. Sail is supplied with long sausage bag and built for hanks or foil.

No. 2 Blade Genoa

Built in Contender 6.5 oz Polykote, fitted with battens, leechline, radial patches and tell tales, to suit hanks or foil, sausage bag included.


Radial design built in Bainbridge AIRX 600. with radial patches, sail numbers and sail bag. Spinnaker Colours. White, dark blue, light blue, red, grey, fluorescent yellow fluorescent pink, fluorescent green, violet.


Sailcoat Acrylic material
Companionway Spinnaker Bag with hanks and battens
Tapered Sheets and Halyards

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