International Canoe


2010 Nationals IC 1st overall
2009 AC Nationals 3rd overall

Sail Development and Production

We have invested heavily in design and manufacturing technology. We use Sailpack Design Software, which we consider to be the most capable system available. It is the vital ,precise link between the designer and the finished sail shape.Sailing a canoe puts us in the ideal position to develop fast sails. We believe that investing in Sailpack has given us an advantage and we are in good company- it was used by every team in the last America’`s Cup.
To ensure the most exacting standards are maintained all our sails from small dinghies to large yachts are produced entirely in house, from cutting on our CNC machine though to completion.
We have a close relationship with the sailcloth manufacturers and are committed to sourcing the best materials for your application.

Built in Dimension Polyant ODL 04 Black Technora
Built in Dimension 200AP HTP polyester
Built in Dimension Polyant ODL 04 Black Technora
Built in Bainbridge Airx 620 silicone nylon

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